Sunday, April 1, 2012

Must Have for a Natural Look

Last month I used this moisturizer from DDF paired with Garnier BB Cream and I think that it is a perfect combination for a natural skin look for those days when you have to rush out the door or just not feeling like using a lot of makeup.

El mes pasado, estuve usando este hidratante de DDF combinado con Garnier BB cream y creo que es la perfecta combinación para un look natural en esos dias en que estamos apuradas o no queremos usar mucho maquillaje
The formulation of this moisturizer is very light and absorbs easily into the the skin, giving that radiance that helps us to look fresh and well rested thanks to the combinations of vitamins A, C and E. It is also fragrance-free (definitely a plus for most people). I really love this moisturizer.

La fórmula de este hidratante es súper ligera y se absorbe fácilmente ne la piel, dando ese brillo que nos ayuda a lucir frescas y descansadas gracias a su combinación de las vitaminas A, C y E. Es también libre de aroma (un bono para muchas personas). Me encanta este hidratante.

I mentioned in a previous post that the Medium/Deep shade of the Garnier BB Cream matches my skin perfectly. I like the light formula and how easily blends into the skin. And of course the extra bonus: It has SPF 15.

Ya he mencionado previamente que el color Medium/Deep de Garnier BB Cream combina perfectamente con mi tono de piel. Su fórmula ligera se funde fácilmente en la piel. Y como extra bono: Tiene protección solar de 15%

It looks a little darker on my hand, but my face is darker than my hands ;)

Se ve un poco oscuro en mi mano, pero mi cara es mas oscura que mis manos. 

I also use brow gel to look more pulled together on those days when I am not using a lot of makeup. I have sparse eyebrows :(  and I need to define them with a dark brow pencil. 
And to hold them in place all day, I brush them with Revlon Brow Styling Gel.
I like it because it holds very well and it is a dry gel. It does not leave any residues behind. Sometimes, I use clear marcara to keep my eyebrows in place. I also like to use Maybelline clear mascara on my eyelashes for a relaxed and natural eye look.

También uso un gel para cejas para lucir más impecable en esos dias en que no uso mucho maquillaje. Mis cejas son escasa :( y necesito definirlas con un lápiz de cejas oscuro.
Y para mantenerlas en su lugar todo el día, las peino con Revlon Brow Styling Gel. Me gusta porque es un gel seco y no deja residuos blancos en las cejas. Algunas veces tambien uso rimel claro para peinar mis cejas. Me gusta usar el rimel claro de Maybelline en mis pestañas paro un look más relajado y natural.

What are your must have when deciding for a natural look?
Hasta Pronto!!


  1. hi delmy! :D

    i'm so thrilled that bb cream is finally coming out in the US haha! when i run out of my bb cream i'll probably try this next :)

  2. So glad the Garnier BB Cream is working out for you. It's always a plus to find a moisturizer in conjunction to the BB cream. There are times when I use moisturizer with BB cream or sometimes I just go without. I like how the moisturizer you're using has all kinds of vitamins to keep the skin healthy and radiant and that it has SPF. :)

    About the WnW Flora/Fauna sets, I hope you find one at your CVS. They're rather new, maybe when you get there, there may still be quite a few. :)

    Take care and Happy Tuesday tomorrow. :)