Saturday, April 14, 2012

Mad Men Collection Review and Swatches

Finally I am reviewing the Estée Lauder Mad Men Collection. I must say that I am very excited about writing this post and I have been anticipating to share my thoughts about the collection with you.

First of all, I want to say that I LOVE the packing of this collection. Both, the lipstick and the cream blush, came in an adorable vintage box. But, what it is really cute is the gold, velvet lined case in which they come in. This will help to prevent scratching them in your makeup purse while traveling. I think that this is a fabulous idea, since the compact and the lipstick tube are limited edition and, in my opinion; collectable.  

The Creme Rouge blush comes in this gorgeous gold plated compact that has an embellished closure and a mirror. The compact is small compared to other  Estée Lauder compacts, but it contains .22oz of a beautiful rosy cream blush in Evening Rose. It cost $40.00 but I think that it is worth the investment because the compact is absolutely gorgeous and timeless.
This creamy formula blends easily and holds very well during the day given a very nice rosy blush to the cheeks.

This lipstick is my favorite from the collection, however, Estée Lauder went totally vintage with this smaller lipstick tube. Back in the 1960s, lipsticks were not as big as we are used to see now. When I looked at it at the counter at Bloomindale's and thought that it was a sample size, but it is .07oz of lipstick. I put it next to other lipsticks so you can see the difference yourself.

Despite of its size, this is a gorgeous cherry color lipstick that will flatter any skin tone. The formulation is very silky and it glides very smoothly proving a lot of hydratation to the lips. It last approximately five-six hours without any touch-ups. The price is $25.00. 
Swatched Left to Right: Cherry Lipstick and Cream Rouge

I love this  Mad Men collection. I think Estée Lauder made an excellent job with the packaging. It is without doubt, very elegant and sophisticated. I like the color selection (Cherry for the lipstick and Evening Rose for the cream blush) and their cream formulations. I am so enchanted by the look of these compact and tube. I feel very classy by just looking at them on top of my vanity and I am so happy that I finally wrote this post.

What do you think of this collection? Do you feel tempted to buy it? I heard that Estée Lauder will launch a second collection next year. I can't wait for it.
Hasta Pronto!!!!


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    1. Hi Cami,
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  2. the collection is awesome. love estee lauder. you look beautiful.

    enjoy your wknd!


    1. Jasmine:
      I am so in love with this collection, you have no idea.
      Thank you for your sweet compliment.
      Have a great weekend :)

  3. I don't use make up :P
    or atleast not on
    daily bases so I don't
    think I will purchase
    it that quickly :P
    But! Even that, I love
    watching how the
    packaging looks like and
    I love reading reviews
    which is probably one
    of my favorite things to
    do read on this blogworld!


    1. Hi Ice Pandora:
      Thanks for taking a look at my post. Yeah, I love the packaging, too. It is just awesome.
      Take care!!! :)

  4. You look so pretty with the red lip and cream blush. :) The Madmen packaging is so cute. Love how retro everything looks. Sounds like an exciting collection. I might check it out once the shopping bug kicks in. :)

    1. Thanks Jannie for the sweet compliment!! I am seriously blown away by the packaging, too. If you get the to buy this collection, please let me know what you think.
      Take care!!

  5. Hey Sweety, great Photos & nice Blog. I like it really ;) Great Job! I follow you, i hope you follw me back (if you like ;))) big kisses from germany ;***