Sunday, April 22, 2012

Presenting Gardénia from Chanel

Chanel is launching their new fragrance for Spring: Gardénia. Also, is offering complimentary standard shipping with all purchases through May 4, 2012.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Mad Men Collection Review and Swatches

Finally I am reviewing the Estée Lauder Mad Men Collection. I must say that I am very excited about writing this post and I have been anticipating to share my thoughts about the collection with you.

First of all, I want to say that I LOVE the packing of this collection. Both, the lipstick and the cream blush, came in an adorable vintage box. But, what it is really cute is the gold, velvet lined case in which they come in. This will help to prevent scratching them in your makeup purse while traveling. I think that this is a fabulous idea, since the compact and the lipstick tube are limited edition and, in my opinion; collectable.  

The Creme Rouge blush comes in this gorgeous gold plated compact that has an embellished closure and a mirror. The compact is small compared to other  Estée Lauder compacts, but it contains .22oz of a beautiful rosy cream blush in Evening Rose. It cost $40.00 but I think that it is worth the investment because the compact is absolutely gorgeous and timeless.
This creamy formula blends easily and holds very well during the day given a very nice rosy blush to the cheeks.

This lipstick is my favorite from the collection, however, Estée Lauder went totally vintage with this smaller lipstick tube. Back in the 1960s, lipsticks were not as big as we are used to see now. When I looked at it at the counter at Bloomindale's and thought that it was a sample size, but it is .07oz of lipstick. I put it next to other lipsticks so you can see the difference yourself.

Despite of its size, this is a gorgeous cherry color lipstick that will flatter any skin tone. The formulation is very silky and it glides very smoothly proving a lot of hydratation to the lips. It last approximately five-six hours without any touch-ups. The price is $25.00. 
Swatched Left to Right: Cherry Lipstick and Cream Rouge

I love this  Mad Men collection. I think Estée Lauder made an excellent job with the packaging. It is without doubt, very elegant and sophisticated. I like the color selection (Cherry for the lipstick and Evening Rose for the cream blush) and their cream formulations. I am so enchanted by the look of these compact and tube. I feel very classy by just looking at them on top of my vanity and I am so happy that I finally wrote this post.

What do you think of this collection? Do you feel tempted to buy it? I heard that Estée Lauder will launch a second collection next year. I can't wait for it.
Hasta Pronto!!!!

Weekend outfit idea

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Treatment for my Lips

Cool weather and dehydration make my lips very dry and chapped. To get rid of this condition and be able to show my beautiful lips I used Smashbox Emulsion Lip Exfoliant and pur-lisse pur-lip confort. These two together make wonders to help spot a beautiful coral lipstick.
First, I exfoliate my lips working in a circular motion and letting the poppy seeds and sugar granules to eliminate the dry skin from my lips. I let stand on my lips for a minute to let the sea butter penetrate my lips for deep hydratation. Then, I remove it using a wet cotton ball.
Second, I apply this lip nourisher that I received on my March MyGlam bag. I am loving it and it was the only good thing on my bag last month. I hope that my April bag will come with better products.
This lip nourisher is petroleum-free and its formula with vegetable oils will heal and hydrate your lips immediately. 

Hasta Pronto!!!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Chanel Spring Nail Collection 2012

Chanel nail polish in April, May, and June
Photo: Marko MacPherson

Love these nail polishes and the idea of having a nail polish for each month of Spring.
  • A berry color for April,
  • A bubblegum pink for May,
  • A pale orange for June
I cannot wait to put my hands on these, better yet; I cannot wait to put these on my nails ;)

La nueva colleccion de esmaltes de uñas de Chanel es una Primavera de ensueño y no puedo esperar a poder pintar mis uñas con estos colores.

  • El color para el mes de Abril es el más oscuro de todos en un tono cereza,
  • El color de Mayo en un color rosado delicado,
  • El color para Junio es un color naranja pálido que nos invita a los meses de verano.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

New from Z-palette

Z-palette is introducing their new Square Metal Stickers. I am pretty sure that many of you have heard about Z-palette. They have become my best ally to keep my eyeshadows and blushes organized and to customize my palettes with my favorite eyeshadows. This Square Metal Stickers measure 2.7mm x 15.7mm and they come in a 30 units -pack for $6.00

These custom made squares are tiny enough to fit the smallest square shadows to the largest rectangular shadows or blushes. Perfect for shadows de-potted from ready-made palettes. Keep in mind that these are adhesive metal stickers and don't have magnets. I thought I'd clarify this, just in case you're like me and do not read the specifications carefully
Simply peel and stick on the back of shadow pan for strong adhesion. Use a sharpie to label back of sticker with color name for future reference.
Hasta pronto!!

Z-palette introduce sus nuevos adhesivos de metal. Estoy segura de que muchos de ustedes han oído hablar de Z-palette. Se han convertido en mi mejor aliado para mantener a mis sombras de ojos y rubor de mejillas organizados y personalizar mis estuches de sombras favoritas. Miden 2,7 mm x 15,7 y viene en un paquete de 30 unidades por $ 6.00

Estos cuadros son lo suficientemente pequeños para adaptarse en cualquier estuchePerfecto para mantener en su lugar a las sombras que se han salido de su estuche. Tengan en cuenta que se trata de etiquetas adhesivas de metal y no tienen imanes. Pensé que sería bueno aclarar esto, en caso de que usted sea como yo y no lean cuidadosamente las especificaciones ;)
Basta con despegar y pegar en la parte posterior de la bandeja de la sombra para obtener una fuerte adhesión. Para referencia futura, use un lápiz para rotular el color de la sombra de nuevo con su nombre.
Bye, bye!

My Version of the Color Of the Year

I went to Sephora to take advantage of the 15% discount offered during the Chic Week (I love this idea) Okay, I bought some things I had been waiting to buy for months. While in the store I stumbled upon this makeup kit called the Color of the Year. This set is a collaboration between Sephora and Pantone Universe and together ensure that the color of the year is the tangerine tango.
I love the colors on the set and I love the idea of ​​using these colors, but I liked the idea of the price 
($ 68.00)

Me fuí a Sephora para aprovechar el 15% de descuento ofrecido durante la Semana Chic (me encanta esta idea) Okay, compré algunas cosas que había estado esperando comprar durante meses. Mientras estaba en la tienda me tropecé con este estuche de maquillaje llamado el Color del Año. Este set es una colaboración entre Sephora y Pantone Universe y juntos aseguran que el color del año es la mandarina tango. 
Me encantan los colores en el set y me encanta la idea de usar estos colores, pero no me gusto la idea del precio ($ 68.00)

I love coral and orange colors in makeup. I think that they look great on me and I have always used nail polish, eye shadows and lipsticks in those colors.  I got home and I was feeling a little disappointed at not being able to get this set until, I started going through my makeup collection and I found some items that can help me to put together the new trend of the season.

Me encantan los colores coral y naranja en el maquillaje. Creo que se ven muy bien en mí y siempre he usado esmalte de uñas, sombras de ojos y barras de labios en esos colores. Llegué a casa y me sentía un poco decepcionada por no haber podido comprar el set hasta que empecé a buscar en mi colección de maquillaje y me encontré algunos elementos que me pueden ayudar a replicar la nueva tendencia de la temporada.

First, I purchased this nail polish in a drugstore a few months ago. The color is OKTOBERFEST. Of course I didn't pay attention to the name of the color. At first I thought it was misspelled. But I was curious about it and I did some searches in the internet and I found that OKTOBERFEST is the name of a beer festival in Germany which is held every year in September. Also the beer made at the festival is a "strong, sweet, copper colored lager" Now I understand the name for this nail polish.

Primero, me encontré este esmalte de uñas que compre en una farmacia hace unos meses. El color es Oktoberfest. Por supuesto que, no le presté atención al nombre. Al principio pensé que estaba mal escrito. Pero yo sentía curiosidad por el nombre e hice algunas busquedas en la web y me encontré con que Oktoberfest es el nombre de un festival de la cerveza en Alemania que se celebra cada año en septiembre. También la cerveza hecha en el festival es una "cerveza fuerte, dulce y de color cobre" Ahora entiendo el nombre de este esmalte de uñas.
I am wearing just one coat of nail polish.  It takes a little to dry out, so one coat is best and it is all I needed.
Estoy usando una sola capa de esmalte. Se tarda un poco en secar, por lo que una sola capa es mejor y es todo lo que necesitaba. 

Also, I have this lip gloss from apt. 5. I like that it is not a sticky formula, but it goes a little sheer. So, a few applications during the day are needed. It can also be worn on top of a lipstick to add more shine and color. 

Además, tengo este brillo de labios de apt. 5. Me gusta que no es una fórmula pegajosa, pero es un poco claro. Por lo tanto, algunas aplicaciones durante el día son necesarias. También se puede usar arriba de la barra de labios para añadir más brillo y el color.

I combine the lip gloss with this Revlon lipstick that I got a while ago and I believe it is discontinued now. I also use this lipstick as a blusher. I apply a little of it on the back of my hand and I warm it out with my fingers for a few seconds, and then I dab it lightly on my cheeks for a lovely orange blush. It looks just gorgeous.

Combino el brillo de labios con este lápiz labial de Revlon que compre hace algún tiempo y creo que ya esta descontinuado. También uso este este lápiz labial como rubor en mis mejillas. Aplico un poco en la parte posterior de mi mano y lo caliento con mis dedos por unos segundos, y después lo aplico suavemente en mis mejillas para darles un rubor anaranjado. 

Love this creamy lipstick in coral fixation. 

Finally, my very favorite of this color party, my orange eyeshadow. This is a matte eyeshadow so it can be worn during the day at the office. And to give it drama for an evening out I would apply a shimmery dark brown eye shadow on my outer V and on my crease.

Por último, mi favorito de esta fiesta de color es mi sombra de ojos color naranja. Esta es una sombra de ojos mate por lo que se puede usar durante el día en la oficina. Y para darle dramatismo durante la noche, yo aplicaría una sombra con brillo color cafe marrón en la parte exterior y en el pliegue del ojo.

I got this eyeshadow in a Princess Marcella-Borghese makeup set that I bought on eBay. My mom used to wear this cosmetic brand and I can say that it was the first brand that I ever used, so it has a very dear place in my heart. I took all the eye shadows from the set and put them in a Z-palette because in one of my trips the case was smashed and it broke. I learned my lesson: not to bring makeup sets on a trip if it doesn't fit on your carry-on.

Tengo esta sombra de ojos en un conjunto de maquillaje Princess Marcella- Borghese que compré en eBay. Mi madre solía usar esta marca de cosméticos y puedo decir que fue la primera marca que he utilizado, por lo que tiene un lugar muy querido en mi corazón. Tomé todas las sombras de ojos del set y las puse en un estuche de Z-palette debido a que en uno de mis viajes el estuche original se me rompió. He aprendido la lección: no llevar estuches de maquillaje en un viaje si no cabe en su equipaje de mano.

I hope that you didn't get disappointed reading this post thinking that this would be a review about the the  new set from Sephora. But, I hope that this inspires you to look at what you already have at this time and helps you think that you don't need to spend $68.00 in makeup trends that you would love, because probably you have them already :)
Take care and hasta pronto!!

Espero que no se hayan decepcionado leyendo este post pensando que esto sería una revisión sobre el nuevo estuche de Sephora. Pero, espero que esto les inspire a buscar en lo ya poseen en este momento y ayudarles a pensar que no es necesario gastar $68.00 en maquillaje de la temporada, porque probablemente ya lo tienes :)
Bye, bye!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Estée Lauder Obsession

Maybe you can tell that I am obsessed with Estée Lauder cosmetics. Well, it is true. The first compact that I bought with my first salary was a Double Matte Oil-Control Pressed Powder. I still use it to this day. I remember my excitement when my girlfriends used to tell me: "Your face looks so flawless" and my reply used to be: "Thanks, I am wearing Estée Lauder's powder" We were freshman in college and we didn't have that much money to invest in a high-end product.
Since my first compact, I have been a loyal consumer to the brand and I have never been disappointed with their cosmetic. I have to confess, that I don't like their fragrances too much, but my mom does. So, every time that I get a perfume sample, I pass it down to her because I know that she will enjoy it.
Another thing I love is that with every purchase I receive a gift set that allows me to try their new formulas and add another lipstick to my collection :)
Estée Lauder Gift Set
Pure Color Lipstick.
Love this pink color. A long lasting lipstick. Pink lipstick is supposed to make you look younger :)
Pure Color Gloss
I like the lip glosses. They are not sticky and show a lot of color 
Sumptuous Mascara
This mascara is my favorite out of all the gift set. It adds volume and lift your lashes for that flirty look
Pure Color Blush
Colors from left to right: Alluring Rose Satin, Audacious Plum Satin, Exotic Pink Satin.
Love this blusher.  
Skin Care

What is your favorite high-end brand?

Hasta Pronto!!

Talvez se pueda decir que estoy obsesionada con los cosméticos de Estée Lauder.  La verdad, es cierto. El primer polvo compacto que compre con mi primer sueldo fue un polvo matte. Todavia lo uso a estas fechas. Recuerdo mi emoción cuando mis amigas me decian: "Ti cara se ve impecable" y mi respuesta solia ser: "Gracias, estoy usando polvos de Estée Lauder" Eramos estudiantes de primer año en la universidad y no teniamos suficiente dinero para invertir en maquillaje de alta calidad.
Desde mi primer polvo compacto, he sido una consumidora fiel a la marca y nunca me han decepcionado. Tengo que confesar que no soy una amante de sus perfumes, pero cada vez que recibo una muestra de ellos, se la doy a mi mamá porque se que ella los va a disfrutar.
Otra cosa que me encanta es que con cada compra recibo un set de regalo que me permite probar sus nuevas formulas y agregar un lipstick mas a mi coleccion :)
Cual es tu marca favorita de maquillaje?

Bye, Bye.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Must Have for a Natural Look

Last month I used this moisturizer from DDF paired with Garnier BB Cream and I think that it is a perfect combination for a natural skin look for those days when you have to rush out the door or just not feeling like using a lot of makeup.

El mes pasado, estuve usando este hidratante de DDF combinado con Garnier BB cream y creo que es la perfecta combinación para un look natural en esos dias en que estamos apuradas o no queremos usar mucho maquillaje
The formulation of this moisturizer is very light and absorbs easily into the the skin, giving that radiance that helps us to look fresh and well rested thanks to the combinations of vitamins A, C and E. It is also fragrance-free (definitely a plus for most people). I really love this moisturizer.

La fórmula de este hidratante es súper ligera y se absorbe fácilmente ne la piel, dando ese brillo que nos ayuda a lucir frescas y descansadas gracias a su combinación de las vitaminas A, C y E. Es también libre de aroma (un bono para muchas personas). Me encanta este hidratante.

I mentioned in a previous post that the Medium/Deep shade of the Garnier BB Cream matches my skin perfectly. I like the light formula and how easily blends into the skin. And of course the extra bonus: It has SPF 15.

Ya he mencionado previamente que el color Medium/Deep de Garnier BB Cream combina perfectamente con mi tono de piel. Su fórmula ligera se funde fácilmente en la piel. Y como extra bono: Tiene protección solar de 15%

It looks a little darker on my hand, but my face is darker than my hands ;)

Se ve un poco oscuro en mi mano, pero mi cara es mas oscura que mis manos. 

I also use brow gel to look more pulled together on those days when I am not using a lot of makeup. I have sparse eyebrows :(  and I need to define them with a dark brow pencil. 
And to hold them in place all day, I brush them with Revlon Brow Styling Gel.
I like it because it holds very well and it is a dry gel. It does not leave any residues behind. Sometimes, I use clear marcara to keep my eyebrows in place. I also like to use Maybelline clear mascara on my eyelashes for a relaxed and natural eye look.

También uso un gel para cejas para lucir más impecable en esos dias en que no uso mucho maquillaje. Mis cejas son escasa :( y necesito definirlas con un lápiz de cejas oscuro.
Y para mantenerlas en su lugar todo el día, las peino con Revlon Brow Styling Gel. Me gusta porque es un gel seco y no deja residuos blancos en las cejas. Algunas veces tambien uso rimel claro para peinar mis cejas. Me gusta usar el rimel claro de Maybelline en mis pestañas paro un look más relajado y natural.

What are your must have when deciding for a natural look?
Hasta Pronto!!