Monday, March 26, 2012

Mad Men Party at Bloomingdale's

I attended the Estée Lauder Mad Men event at Bloomingdale's in NYC.
I got my makeup done with Estée Lauder products and I was blown away by the Mad-tinis and hors d’oeuvres served at the party. The event was so amazing. Everybody was so great. The best think at the event was the photo booth. I didn't expect all the good treatment that I received from the people working at the Estée Lauder counter. It was my birthday that day and for sure that I had a great evening thanks to Estée Lauder and Bloomingdale's
I couldn't resist to pre-order my Mad Men Collection and I will pick it up tomorrow. So excited!!!
That red lipstick in Cherry is so gorgeous and looks so good on me.....
Did you watch the Mad Men Season Premier last night?

Hasta pronto!!!


  1. great blog hun! You're lucky :D There is a Lotus Mendes giveaway going on on my blog, I think you would really like to participate! Hope to see you soon love <3

  2. just beautiful!

    kisses dear!