Tuesday, March 20, 2012

All about Primers

I'd like to wear a primer before my foundation because I have oily skin and I need something to help my foundation to last longer and to not change its color during the day.
My current favorite is Smashbox Photo Finish Primer. It's a light formula that glides perfectly on the skin and also moisturizes it. 

I also like to use a lash primer to make my eyelashes look endearing and to get the best out of any mascara. This lash primer from Clinique helps your mascara to hold better to your lashes and to create longer and fuller lashes. 
Of course, my eyelid primer. I cannot prescind from an eyelid primer. I have been very loyal to the BareMineral primer. I haven't tried or used any other eyelid primers. It really changed my perception about applying eyeshadows. I was tired of seeing my eyeshadow creasing or fading away in a few hours after application. This product really changed that and leave all that behind. I love it!!
And finally, my lip primer from Urban Decay. Don't you hate to have to re-touch your lipstick in the middle of a nice dinner or before taking pictures at a special event? Me personally, I feel a little embarrassed to take my lipstick out of my purse to put lipstick on, at the dinner table or to rush to put lipstick on before taking pictures. So, I found the solution with this lip primer. This really makes your lipstick last longer, looking perfect, and with very little touch-ups.
What about you my lovelies, what are you favorite primers? Do you use primers for everything (like me)?

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