Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Julep New DD Cream and DD Concealer Review

Hello lovelies! How is everybody doing? I hope you are all doing great.

Are you tired or confused about all this big fuss about BB creams, CC creams and now DD creams? In all honestly, I haven't done too much research about this new DD cream because my guess is that it is the same thing as the BB creams or CC creams. So, why bother to explain what a DD cream is.

So, let me share my impressions on this Julep DD cream with you. First of all, the DD cream comes in four shades: light, medium, medium-dark and dark. Julep also has a DD concealer and it comes in three shades: light, medium, dark.

This cream promises to moisturize, prime, and protect the skin helping to fight signs of aging.  And the DD concealer says to help disguise dark circles, blemishes and redness. How great this is!

I got the medium shade on both and they blend easily with my skin tone. The DD cream is very creamy, but does not feel heavy on the skin. It does not have a any chemical odor, which I think is great. It also has buildable coverage and makes the skin look flawless. I am very happy with it and I have been using it for the past two weeks and so far no complaints about it performance. Oppss, I forgot to mention, this cream has SPF 25 for sun protection.

Next, Julep has this DD concealer and I think it does a good work covering under eye circles and little spots on the face. It glides effortless and it provides good coverage. It is odorless as well as the DD cream, but the formula feels a little thicker.

This is how the concealer works. I think it does a great job under my eye area. But, judging from the pictures, maybe my under eye dark circles are not so dreadful and I am exaggerating.

Now for the cons, the amount of product in the concealer tube is non-existing. The tube is almost empty and I have used just little dots of product under my eyes to cover my dark circles. It is very annoying to try to squeeze the tube to get some of it out! Oh well, I guess you get what you paid for.

If you are planning on getting this DD cream and concealer, I highly recommend them.

Hasta pronto,


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks so much!!! The concealer is really good.

  2. Glad the DD cream worked out for you. Based on your photos, I can see it's working too. It definitely brightened your skin (Beautiful eyes, by the way. :D) and gave you a gorgeous glow. :)

    So many creams are coming out these days. BB, CC, and now DD. :) Glad there are good benefits and properties in these creams to beautify our skin.

    Take care, my pretty friend. It's always good to visit here. Happy Sunday. <3

    1. Aww....Thanks for the compliment my, also, pretty friend!!! I love the concealer, it is really good. Too bad that the tube came almost empty, though :(