Saturday, June 22, 2013

June Ipsy bag: A NAY!!

Hello lovelies! Is everybody ready for summer? I am! I need to get some tan on my legs, they are extremely pale. I want to do so many things this summer. I want to go to the beach, to the parks, to be out and about, and I want to get my driver's license.
What do you want to do this summer?

Anyways, let me get to the topic of this post: My June Ipsy Bag. This is the first time that I feel disappointed about it. I did not like the products of this month. Please, do not get me wrong, it is not that the products are not great, it's just like it does not feel like my style.

For instance, I got this beautiful, not my style cream glitter eye shadow palette from Jcatbeuty. I have never heard of this brand before, but the palette looks lovely, but for younger girls that go out dancing on the weekends. Gosh, I did not even open the package to swatch them because I do not think that I will use them. So, I better keep them unopened to gift them to somebody.

Next, I got this beautiful, long, false eyelashes also from Jcatbeauty. I guess I can try to make them work, if they look natural. Maybe on Halloween?

I also received this NYX blush, that looks more like a bronzer. I was hoping to get one of the cream blushers or a pink shade powder blush, but.......I got this.....and I keep it also unopened. I have two bronzers already and I don't use bronzer often. Not since my ex-boss asked me what was on my face. I remember that he had a very weird look on his face when he asked. I guess he though that I was having some sort of illness. So embarrassing! I learned, from that experience, that we need to own a good blender brush and to wear little bronzer on the right places.

Following, there is this lip liner on Bare from Starlooks. This was also an unknown brand for me. I feel very sorry that this product did not work for me either. I do not like this shade on me because I have a medium skin tone and this color made me look bland. Why not the bright pink or a red shade that others received of their bags? What else can I say? Non swatches, non open. Bummer!

Finally, a highlighter pencil from Chella. This might be my only favorite this month. I wore it yesterday on my water line to fake a full night sleep and it worked. So this one has a future. I also got a eyebrow defining gel from this brand a couple of months ago, and I love it! I have to make a quick review on it: it does not leave white residues on my eyebrows, like other eyebrow gels. (The one from Revlon is awful. Avoid buying that one if you can) The eyebrow gel from Chella help to keep your eyebrows is place.

Just to be fair, the theme for this month's bag was: "On The Wild Side" so, I guess that is not my style. The products are great, but not for me. I will gift this bag to my little cousin, I now she will be delighted with them, except the highlighter, I am keeping that one for me.

Happy Summer and enjoy!

Hasta pronto,

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  1. Sorry to hear that the contents of this months Ipsy bag did not work out for you. The bag itself is cute though. Kinda liking the combo of leopard print and neon green. :)

    I agree with you about the glitter cream eyeshadow palette. It's not my style either. Actually, I'm frankly quite afraid of this type of eyeshadow. I heard this type of consistency/finish doesn't work out for a lot people too. Reminds me of that NYX glitter cream eyeshadow palette.

    The highlighter pencil by Chella looks nice. Now this would be a nice product for multiple uses. I'd like that too for my waterline. :)

    Hopefully next month's bag will be a lot better and make up for the disappointing contents from this month's bag.

    Take care. Hope your weekend was amazing. :)