Thursday, October 10, 2013

Real Techniques Brushes Review

Hello lovelies!!! It's been a while! The reason is that it has been really crazy at work, lately. I am one woman show at work these days :)

Well, I am back with a quick review for the Real Techniques Brushes by Samantha Chapman Core Collection. These brushes are the best brushes ever.

They are so soft and applied makeup so well that it is a treat for me to use them every morning.

This core collection set brings a Detailer brush, Pointed Foundation brush, Buffing brush, Contour brush and a Panoramic Case.

I got mine at, I believe for $17.00 and I think it is not a bad price considering the quality of the brushes . I have bought many makeup brushes in the past, and I have put many of them on the aside because they do not live to the my expectations, but these ones have met all my expectations and I am looking forward to buy more Real Techniques Brushes.

My very favorite is the Buffing brush. I use it to apply cream or liquid foundations and also mineral foundation. This brush is the ideal for a flawless  and fast application. I love how the size of the brush (not too big and not too small) allows me work the foundation on my skin with precision.  It is thick enough to get enough product and to buff it in small circular motion to get every part of your face, like the sides of the nose, temples and eye area.
Buffing Brush

My next favorite is the Contour brush. It is really good to apply powder blush. I have always had problems applying blusher because the brush will always leave me weird lines in my cheeks and I will have difficulties blending the product. Thanks to this brush, my problem is part of the past.  The brush is dense and so, so soft, and it gets the right amount of product on it. I use it mostly to apply blusher, but because of its shape it is perfect to apply bronzer as well.
Contour Brush. ( Sorry, it is a little dirty)

Next, I have the Detailer brush. I have to say that what prompted me to buy this set was the Detailer brush. I was in desperate need to find a brush that will help me to apply my red lipsticks like a pro. I was very disappointed with the brushes that I have gotten and this brush has been my savior!! I love its shape, it is not too pointed or too thin. It helps to contour the outer side of the lips easily and with precision. I also use it to apply concealer right under my under eye bags.
Detailer Brush

Lastly, the Pointed Foundation brush. I use this one to apply liquid highlighter on my cheek bones. I haven't used it to apply foundation because I prefer to apply my foundation using circular motions rather than "painting" my face. But, I am very sure that it should be great for it, too.
Pointed Foundation Brush

Also, the case is very versatile to take your brushes with you when you travel. I took mine with me on my last trip and I even put some other brushes in it and it helps me to keep my brushes well kept and organized. 

I really love this set I am looking forward to buy more of these brushes. You can take a look at the Real Techniques website to see this and other sets and to look at videos on how to use each brush.
I am pretty sure that many of you know Samantha Chapman and her sister from Pixiwoo. I love their videos and their british accent, too. 

Verdict: A must have!!!!

Hasta Pronto!!!

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