Sunday, August 5, 2012

Cape Cod Vacation

Hello everyone. I hope you are enjoying your day. I want to share with you some pictures from my awesome time off at the Cape Cod in Massachusetts. Oh boy, I had an incredible time there and I want to thanks my boyfriend and his beautiful family for the invitation and for the wonderful time that we all had together. I certainly had an awesome time and I didn't want to come back (yeah, it was that much fun)

Cape Cod Landscape

Cape Cod or just the Cape, is a cape located at the eastern part of Massachusetts. A fun fact about Cape Cod, is that in the map it looks like an human arm. So funny!! 

We stayed at "The Buoy House" Bed and Breakfast , which offers continental breakfast and a nice bed to sleep. This house was like a little cottage, very nice and cozy. Another fun fact, is the name of the roads in Cape Cod. For instance, this house was located in a road called "Cottontail Road" Isn't a cute name for a road?                                                          
     The Buoy House                                                    

After having breakfast, sitting outside in the porch,  we will get ready to meet with the rest of the family to start the day of adventures. We did many things together. One night we went to Provincetown. This is a small beautiful town located at the very tip of Cape Code. The main street is a very narrow, one way street. And at each side of the street there are art galleries, restaurants, clothing stores, ice cream shops and house guest. It couldn't be more charming. I was told that a lot of the population are Portuguese descendants and that young artist could live for free at house guest, so they could focus on their art.
This town is so festive and a favorite vacation spot for the gay community.  We saw a few guys dressed with exotic outfits, big wigs and high heels walking down the street.  I heard that they have a parade every evening and have fun dressing up for it. This town is so much fun and so beautiful and you can breath the history of it. We also went to the beach and had a great day playing with the waves and relaxing. And of course we had a good lunch (I am a foodie, and it is one of my guilty pleasures).

The Pilgrim Monument

 On our last night, we all had dinner at Terra Luna. A very nice, small restaurant with delicious food. The outside of the place looks very small and like nothing out of the ordinary, but the food is incredible and inside the place is very cozy and family orientated. We all had a great meal and a great time.

But my very favorite was the dessert. Oh myGod, the blackberry polenta custard was to die for....Yummy!
Once again, thanks so much Barb, Scotty and Julesy for inviting me to come and for having a wonderful time with you!!

Now, jumping to another subject. I have been asked about these sandals. 
I bought them from last year at the end of the summer, so I didn't wear them until now. This are form Boutique 9 and are the most comfortable sandals that I've ever owned. You can find them here and they have them in black, too. The stripe wedge top that I am wearing on the picture at the top, I got it from It has a nice detail in the back that is not shown on the pics on the website. So, I was surprised when I got it.  I know what is said about wearing tops with vertical stripes: that it makes you look fat. But whatever, I love it! 

I keep my beauty routine very, very simple for this vacation.
I got a sample side of this Green Apple SPF 15 moisturizer on my July MyGlam bag. Not a big deal. I don't like SPFs that are so thick that are difficult to apply onto the skin. (Unfortunately, this is one of them, in my opinion). I also worn Estee Lauder Invisible Fluid Makeup. You can see my review on it here. I also applied concealer under my eyes and lip balm. I kept it very simple. 
I had problems styling my hair while I am on vacation, therefore I don't like the pictures that I take of myself. Can anybody please, give me some advice on how to style my fine, but abundant frizzy hair without styling tools while on vacation? I will greatly appreciate it.

Anyway, if you got to this part: thank you very much for reading. I hope you find this post helpful if you are planning on going on vacation locally. There are so many amazing places to visit in Massachusetts and the Cape is one of them.

Hasta pronto!!


  1. Oh, lucky you! It looks like you had an amazing time, and the food looks absolutely scrumptious! :D

  2. So glad you had a great time with your BF and his family at Cape Cod. The place looks very peaceful and relaxing. And I agree with Huda, the food does look very scrumptious. :) Food is one of my guilty pleasures too. I cannot say no to delicious food. Hehe... :D

    It's great you got a chance to wear those cute sandals you bought last year. They look stylish and comfortable and fitting for almost any outfit. I also like the striped, nautical shirt you have on in the first picture. Been obsessed with stripes (and polka dots) lately. :)

    1. Hi Jannie! I know that you like polka shirts. Something we have in common :)

      I had a great time at the Cape and I ate like crazy, too.

      Have a great week darling!!

  3. love these pics! looks like a lovely time, and i'm drooling over the foofd pics. :) hope you have a great week!!

    ADAM ❤ ALEX Mommy

  4. have a fabulous & fashionable weekend dear

  5. Thanks for the compliments about my blog background. :) I scanned scrapbook paper. I was pleasantly surprised the scrapbook paper I bought would make nice backgrounds for my blog. :D

    Just like you, I'm a lipstick person too. :) The lip crayons work like a lipstick. A long-lasting kind. It's definitely worth a try. There's another long-lasting lip product I'd like to try. It's the MAC Pro-longwear lipsticks. I heard those are pretty nice as well. :)