Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lead in my Lipstick?!

My mother called me the other night and in an alarm voice told me that she has just heard on the news that a lot of lipsticks have above average amounts of lead. I got concern because I am a lipstick lover and the idea of getting rid of a lot of my lipstick was not appealing to me (actually, I didn't even consider it)

I did some research on the topic and while I was catching up with my Google reader I found a very good post by Beauty Bets about the alarming news. I was sad to know that some of my favorite drugstore brands made the list, but I was also happy to know that one brand didn't. Moreover, I was happy to know that  not many high end lipsticks were not on this list, which means that I will make the effort to invest in high end lipsticks.
Like this Chanel Rouge Double Intensité ultra wear lip color in Rosestone, which I am loving right now and it worth the investment. It really last all day!

What do you think about  your favorite lipstick containing lead? Would you consider to toss away your lipstick? Would you invest in an expensive lipsticks?
Please share your comments.

Hasta Pronto!


  1. That is really scary and alarming to know that some lipsticks have lead. Especially lipsticks because they go on our lips and we definitely don't want lead to go in our system. Thank you for sharing this article, by the way. It's always safe to be cautious about the products we use. Especially when we put them on our face and skin.

    Lovely lipstick color, by the way. Looks very versatile and can be worn for day or night and with any eyeshadow color. :) I don't own any Chanel products (yet). When I get one, this lip color is definitely a consideration. :)

    About BB creams, it's pretty much like moisturizer, primer, and foundation in one. Some of them even have SPF in them. I like how it saves me from doing all the steps I'd normally do on my foundation routine. :)

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