Sunday, January 6, 2013

Lip Bomb Glossy Lacquer Stain

Hello everyone!!!

I wanted to share with you these wonders from These Lip Bombs contain vitamin E, have a rich pigmentation, and give a velvety finish. They are a gloss, stain and a lacquer, three in one!!
I am so in love with this. I got the Bomb number 4 on my October Ipsy bag and I loved it. The shade is a pink color and it looks very nice on me, but I also wanted to get he Bomb number 2, which is a very deep red shade, so I bought it.
They are very pricey, ($35.00 or $28.00 if you are a Mirenesse VIP member) but worth it. They have a good staying power and the finish is so gorgeous and bold. It had a sponge tip applicator and I will suggest to clean off the excess on the tip before applying the product so you don't apply to much on your lips. You can also build the intensity by applying more product and dispersing it with your fingers. 
Now, this will smear a little, despite of the claims that it won't, (or maybe it smears on me because I apply to much?) so make sure to use a nude lip liner in the outer of your lips to prevent the gloss from going everywhere.  
Another complait I have with this product is the packaging. After having them in my purse for a few days when I was on vacation, the letters on the plastic tube started to fade away and one of the tubes cracked, too. I have a few glosses that of course come in a plastic tube, but they haven't cracked and still look in good conditions. Considering the price, I think that they could have done better with the packaging.
Overall, I think this is a great product that provides a wonderful color, nurture your lips and it last for a long time. I just wish that it will come in a better plastic tube and it was not so expensive.
Lip Bomb Glossy Lacquer Stain No 4 
Lip Bomb Glossy Lacquer Stain No 2
Bomb No 2 and Bomb No 4


  1. I love the Lip Bomb colors you picked out. (The name is cute and catchy too. :D) Glad to hear they have good staying power. Too bad to hear about what happened to the packaging though. It bugs me when I see cracks or letters peeling off of my makeup. It's a good thing the product itself works out nicely though. Thanks for the amazing review. :)

  2. great review dear! i think the colors are pretty! <3

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