Sunday, June 10, 2012

MyGlam June Bag

Hello lovelies. I am very excited about showing you what I got on my MyGlam June bag. Last month, my bag came very late (arrived the last week of May) that I lost any excitement about it. The products were good, but as I said, too late!

Anyways, I was happy to found my bag in my mailbox last night. By the way, I had an amazing day with my brothers yesterday. We went to see the Brasil-Argentina soccer game at the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey and it was very exciting. It couldn't be a better day for a soccer game and I was so happy to spend time with my boys :)

I received this gold glitter clutch. It is very nice and I can wear it for a night out. I'm afraid of some glitter falling out and getting it all over my face or clothes, so I will have to make sure to "shake" it very well before using it :). But, it is really cute!
I also got this sample size of this Philosophy take a deep breath oil-free energizing oxygen gel cream moisturizer.  I haven't try this before, but I believe that it might be similar to the the Bliss Triple Oxygen + C Energizing Cream, which I love. This product says to help detoxify the skin for a healthy looking glow. It contains ginkgo biloba extract, which has anti-aging qualities, it helps to reduce puffiness and stimulates blood circulation. I am looking forward to try this out.
I also got  this Living proof  frizz Nourishing Styling Cream. Wow, I can't wait to try this. Humidity is a killer for my hair during these hot days and this will definitely help.
As a "Glammie" I received a special offer to to buy a kit containing shampoo, conditioner and a styling cream or spray for $35.00. Not bad. Have any of you try this already? Please, let me know what do you think about it.
My bag also brought this Marbella Permanent Eyeliner Pen in black. This is one of my favorite products from this bag. I almost buy one of this at the drugstore the other day, and I am so happy I didn't. This product sales at $19.00 at the Marbella web-store. This is a 24 hrs. eyeliner and it says that is can be remore easily with any eye-makeup remover. The only thing I am not sure about is the warning of not using it with lenses on. I wear lenses and I don't know if this will give any irritation to my eyes. I hope not, otherwise I will have to give it away.
And lastly, my very favorite product form this bag is this NYX Round Lipstick in this LSS 521 Chloe color. I think in plain English, this is a fuchsia pink color. Everybody knows how much I love lipsticks and I see this is going to be my go to lipstick these days. It actually going to match with my Julep nail polish in Lily.
I really like my MyGlam bag this month and I can't wait to try this products.

I hope you enjoyed this post and please let me know if you have tried any of this products or if you are subscribed to  MyGlam and what do you think about it.

Hasta Pronto!!


  1. Love the clutch ♥
    I've just found your blog and I think it's lovely!
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    1. Thanks darling. I've been loving all you nice pics!

  3. I'm your new follower! :)
    wish you the best!

  4. I don't know any of these products, but I love their packaging. The clucth is so beautiful, that's the problem with glitter accessories, I hate them falling everywhere, but they are so pretty. Very interesting box.

    Have a great week,
    Manu Luize.

    1. Thanks for visiting and for your comment on my blog.
      I wish you a lovely week, too.

  5. hi, delmy! i hope you had a fun and wonderful weekend. :)

    what a fabulous clutch! i am a huge clutch girl, and that glitter one would go with casual and dressy outfits! love it. i also love the color of the lipstick. i may try glambox one day. :)

    have a great week!

    1. Hi Jasmine!
      I am loving that lipstick, too. But you know what? the eyeliner pen is the best I've ever tried. I understand now that the felt tip is what makes the difference on a eyeliner pen :) It glides so smoothly. I love it and I highly recommend it!

  6. i love the bag!
    now following your lovely blog :)

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  10. love the color of your lipstick :X

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  12. I´m in love with the clutch!
    And the lipstick color is amazing!

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  14. Beautiful color of your lipstick!!! take a look on my blog and if you like we can follow each other?
    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  15. Yikes. Sorry I missed this post. Glad I came across it now. The clutch and lipstick color are both very gorgeous. The lipstick looks very unique. It looks quite like a duochrome too. I can quite see a hint of purple on it. :) As for the clutch, other than as a makeup bag, I can see this being used for parties or other special events. :)