Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Makeup Basics for traveling

Hello lovelies.
If you are like me, probably you are making plans for summer vacations already. So, keeping it simple is key to make the most out of you vacation.  I found this Mally Pro Beauty Tips & Tricks 8-piece Color Collection at QVC. It has all the basics to help you keep you beauty routine simple and making you look radiant wherever you are.

This set has all my favorite products from Mally:
  • Travel size Evercolor Face Defender. This is a product like no other out there.
  • Brow gel to keep your brows in place
  • Professional Blush
  • My very favorite Volumizing Mascara in Black
  • Automatic Eye Liner
  • Shadow Stick (another favorite of mine)
  • Lip Pen
  • Double-ended blush brush 
Also, I have been in search for a perfect bathing suit. I hope to find it! Any suggestions?

Hasta pronto!!!


  1. I heard a lot of amazing reviews on Mally products. Especially the Face Defender. That's definitely something I'd like to try someday. :) I also heard good things about her eyeliners and shadow sticks. :)

    As for bathing suit suggestions, I can imagine yellow or soft, light green would look great on you. :)

    1. Dear Jannie:
      The eye shadow sticks and the eyeliners are also great.

      You know? I love green and that's a great idea. Thanks for the suggestion. I've been looking for a green bathing suit as per your suggestion.